The GTA Place (or TGTAP) is a Grand Theft Auto fansite created in 2002 by Midnight Labs owner Chris Phillips. The website provides news, media, content, and forums (now archived) for the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise.

In its heyday, the website had a reach of over 1 million unique visitors per month, with tens of millions of pages being viewed. TGTAP was officially recognised by publishers and developers Rockstar Games, and Chris regularly received goodies in the mail as well as things like exclusive screenshots for upcoming games. Chris was also lucky enough to be invited by Rockstar Games to visit their headquarters in New York with several other owners of fansites on several occasions, getting to see and play upcoming releases before the general public.

While activity has dropped in recent years thanks in part to the rise of social media and the fact that Rockstar Games now has their own official website on which it posts news and media, TGTAP still enjoys consistent traffic which shows no signs of abating.